Hendricks Appraisal Company, LLC

Real Estate Appraisals, Research & Consulting

Seventy Years of Real Estate Expertise

Established in 1948 by the late Robert W. Hendricks, Hendricks Appraisal Company is a full service real estate appraisal, research and consulting firm servicing a wide array of public and private clients.

Since 2000, the company has been directed by Mark E. Hendricks & Jeffrey R. Hendricks, both serving as principals of the firm. In addition, Anita Hendricks-Buckman serves as an associate member and residential advisor to the firm. We also employ several additional field appraisers, research assistants as well as office staff.

All principal appraisers have been certified by the State of New Jersey as General Real Estate Appraisers and hold the SCGREA license. In addition, both Mark E. Hendricks and Jeffrey R. Hendricks hold the C.T.A. designation as Certified Tax Assessors of the State of New Jersey.

Over the past seventy years, we have served as the real estate appraisers, and consultants to many public agencies. In addition, our services have been utilized by a number of financial institutions providing mortgage financing to their clients. We have also provided a wide range of appraisal, research and consulting services to many law firms and private individuals.

At present, we represent twenty (20) individual municipalities in connection with the defense of their tax appeals. Both principal appraisers - Mark Hendricks and Jeffrey Hendricks have been recognized and qualified as experts in this field before several County Boards of Taxation as well as the Tax Court of New Jersey. In addition, the appraisers have also qualified as experts before numerous municipal planning and zoning boards along with condemnation commissions.